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Have You or a Loved One Got Painful Feet?

Are your feet stopping you from playing sport, walking around or generally preventing you from leading a pain free life? At Clacton Foot Clinic we know just how frustrating foot pain can be and are here to help.


Studies show that one in five people have painful feet. There’s no need for you to suffer.


A major cause of muscle pain can be down to the way you walk.


Your foot is a complex structure and misalignment in one joint can cause a chain reaction up the lower limb creating muscles, ligaments and bones to stop functioning optimally, causing pain in the foot and lower limb.


Biomechanics is a modern and dynamic form of medicine which assess the alignment, how the tissues are working and loading forces applied to them. These stresses of the body are often the cause for soreness or injury.


Orthotics are medical insoles which fit into shoes and control the way you walk.


These devices are completely different from over the counter insoles you can buy from shops which can often cause further injuries. The devices we offer at Clacton Foot Clinic are specifically designed for your foot with a neutral cast being taken of your foot and a 21 stage process of manufacturing with these prescriptions being prescribed by your podiatrist after a biomechanical assessment. 

Conditions that can be treated with orthotics include:


·       Plantar fasciitis.

·       Rheumatoid arthritis. 

·       Osteoarthritis.

·       Shin splints.

·       Flat feet.

·       Nerve entrapments or neuroma.

·       Tendonitis.

·       Bunions.

·       Heel spurs.

·       Knee pain.

·       Arch pain .

·       Limb length discrepancy. 

·       Toe deformities.

·       Callus and corns.

Improve Athletic Performance

At Clacton Foot Clinic we have a range of orthotics specifically designed for individual sports. These orthotics take into account the movements and footwear needed for each sport. Orthotics whilst playing sports can decrease fatigue, increase balance and co-ordination and prevent injuries.


We have specific orthotics designed for the following sports:

  • Football.

  • Rugby.

  • Marathon running.

  • Sprinters.

  • Tennis.

  • Golf.

  • Basketball.

  • Skiing.

  • Cycling.

For more information on gait analysis and to book an an appointment call us on 01255 434364